Unforgiving Times (June 2003)

The process of recording this album was started back in October 2002
We've come a long way, and HERE THEY ARE: all 13 tracks in MP3 format
Also included are links to lyrics, and (for some songs) video clips, and alternative (live) versions
You can also take a look at the pictures taken during the recording of this CD

  1. I Don't Love You Anymore CD-MP3 Lyrics
  Mad Heathen says a lot of not so nice things about his ex-girlfriend.
This song always gets dedicated to all current and future ex-girlfriends during our live shows.

  2. Outsider CD-MP3 Lyrics Video-1 Video-2
  The song was originally recorded by "A.G. & Spetznaz" (Lipetsk, Russia) back in 1996. (Mad Heathen was playing guitar).
The band had reputation of being "drunk hooligans" and was even banned from performing at...err... "Rock Against Violence" festival.


3. Navazhdenie CD-MP3 Lyrics Video-1 Video-2 Live-MP3

  Originally recorded by "Grazhdanskaya Oborona" ("Civil Defense")-one of the most influential Russian punk-rock bands - back in 1987.

  4. The Final Fight CD-MP3 Lyrics Video
  This is one of the first original songs of "Black Dream".
The lyrics were originally written in Russian, and then translated to English.

  5. Stolen CD-MP3 Lyrics Video Live-MP3
  Lyrics for this song were written by Thundertoes
Thundertoes doesn't think people can fool themselves (...) into discounting their past.

  6. Nuclear Revenge CD-MP3
  An instrumental written shortly after 9/11/2001...

  7. Razdrazhenie CD-MP3 Lyrics Video-1 Video-2 Live-MP3
  Yet another song, originally written by "Civil Defense".
This is the first ever song we ever played back in the Fall of 2000.

  8. Waiting CD-MP3 Lyrics
  Thundertoes created the bass-line first, then GreenPig added guitar solo, then Mad Heathen added some noise ...
And, finally, Huyator came up with the lyrics...

  9. Blyuy CD-MP3 Lyrics Video-1 Video-2
  This song was written by Mad Heathen back in 1992, during the Sociology class in college.
Needless to say, he had a really bad hangover at the time of writing...

  10. Surf's Down CD-MP3 Lyrics Video
  Mad Heathen created a riff, Huyator wrote the lyrics ... and then we combined everything together.

  11. Ya Pank CD-MP3 Lyrics Video-1 Video-2
  One more song, written and performed by Mad Heathen back in 1992.

  12. We Will Die Young CD-MP3 Lyrics Video
  The lyrics for this song were originally written by Mad Heathen (in Russian) back in 1994 for "A.G.& Spetznaz"(Lipetsk, Russia).
This song was mentioned in a local newspaper as a part of explanation why the band was banned from performing at the "Rock Against Violence" festival.
Later, the lyrics were edited and translated, and the music was completely reworked.

  13. Voice Of Your Tribe CD-MP3 Lyrics Video-1 Video-2 Live-MP3
  One of the first original songs of "Black Dream" - a Nordic pagan hymn, written by Mad Heathen.